Why Choose Koh Phi Phi

1. How safe is it?
There are virtually no reports of pretty crime on Koh Phi Phi

2. How clean is it?
The inhabitants of the island go out of their way to keep the island clean and tidy. The major hotels have taken responsiblity for keeping the beaches in front of their properties clean. Members of the hotel staff are assigned to clean the beaches and pick up any rubbish. There is a great sense of concern for the environment on Koh Phi Phi.

3. Is the water clean?
Not only is the water a delightful turquoise colour its also crystal clear. It's ideal and safe for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

4. Are you hassled by hawkers?
Very few beach vendors. There are several touts out to sell the various waterborne adventures.

5. How is it most likely to appeal to?
It's mainly a destination for the young, fit and virile. Play in the water during the day and the bars and discos at night.

6. Which side of the island does the sunrise and set?
Having returned from a great day in the water by mid afternoon around 4 pm is good time to slowly make the climb to the viewpoint to cathch the sunset around 6pm. The view of Ton Sai and Loda Lum bay is spectacular but if you wait until sunset to take the photographs the light isn't good enough. Aim to be up on top of the hill by 5 pm, taking memorable photos and relax watching a spectacular sunset.

7. What cant you buy in the island and should bring with you?
Most basic consumber items are available from shops around the island. A can of soda water that would cost 13 baht in a main land 7-eleven will cost 18 baht in the same store on Phi Phi and 20 baht in most of the other small shops. But then consider how much more handling the product has had before it reaches you on the island. A copy of Bangkok Post which will be at least two or three days old has been marked up 100% with a Phi Phi sales price of 40 baht. But how many people will bother to read a newspaper on a paradise island, for those that do be prepared to pay for the luxury.

8. What is there to do
Daytime Dive, snorkel or go kayaking depending, which takes your fancy.
Nighttime-hang out in the bars and discos.

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