What to do on Koh Phi Phi

The main attraction of the destination is its warm crystal clear water. Most daytime activities involve being on or in the water. 80% of visitors come to the island to dive.

Scuba Diving
Anyone can learn the basic of scuba diving in a couple of hours. For the complete beginner there is a 2 hours course entitled Discover Scuba Diving. A PADI certified Dive Master will familiarize you with all the equipment that you will be using, how to fit the mask correct; use of the mouth piece and the importance of equalizing the air pressure in you ears. This is simple to do; it just involves pinching your nose and exhaling. Much as you would do on an aircraft if you had discomfort from the cabin

Phi Phi Island has its own Thai-tannic. On the 4th May 1997 an 85-meter long and 25-meter wide car ferry sank and lies at 3 metres. The perfect wreck for the experienced diver to explore.

It is possibly an easier way to swim with the fish than scuba diving. It involves far less equipment and somebody that can swim can snorkel. Simply a matter of floating on the water. The mask allows you to see the fish and coral and the snorkel your air supply. The options are limitless, cave snorkeling on Phi Phi Le or going a shark watch. Its not as dangerous as it may sound, the variety found in the waters around Phi Phi only eat plankton and are more likely to be more scared of humans than we are of them.

A leisurely way to explore the island is by kayak, a moulded plastic canoe that's takes two people. The currents around the island are gentle so quiet easy to paddle to the adjacent beach. Rental is about 150 baht an hour.

Big Game Fishing
Boats are available of varying sizes for half or whole day charters with all the equipment and bait provide. If you are a good or lucky fisherman there is even the chance to recover some of the cost of the day.

Jet Skies
With so many visitors in the water diving jet skies would prove too dangerous. Therefore they are banded from the islands and surrounding water.

Koh PhiPhi

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